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Logic Dog Enjoying the Snow Fall

Logic Design Done Logically™

We specialize in providing services for embedded FPGA logic design, verification and implementation targeted to AMD (Xilinx) devices but have no aversion to Intel (Altera) technology. Aspen Logic works flexibly towards your desired goals using the methodology, devices, tools and languages that makes the most sense to you, the customer.

Our decades of experience over many customers, turning VHDL and (System)Verilog into working gate level structures, make us valuable partners in your quest to use the latest system level languages and approaches too.

Engage with us to assist you in requirements discovery, documentation, verification, modeling, validation and of course logic design services for your FPGA development project. If you prefer, we operate in full turnkey mode for select customers. Big relationships grow from humble beginnings so start small with us. Your confidence in our capabilities will grow with the years, making us both ready for action on your toughest FPGA logic problems in the future.