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Ready to Attack Your FPGA Debug Problems On All Fronts

  • FPGA logic debug using Chipscope ILA/ICON cores
  • Multi-FPGA debug
  • Clock domain crossing analysis
  • Reset system architecture analysis
  • HDL Code Review
  • Embedded C + custom hardware debug
  • UUT Verification/Simulation
  • Timing closure

Often times throwing people and money at problems is a waste. Not so with debugging efforts because multiple people can attack the problem from different fronts and efficiently pool their efforts. (Simulation vs hardware testing for example.)

"A year ago, we hired Tim to take over support of a complex, multi-FPGA design at the core of a high-availability silicon production system. At the time that Tim took over, all of the easy bugs were gone, and all that was left was a collection of the gnarly, deep-down, rarely-occurring, intermittent problems.

Tim made an immediate impact, digging to demonstrate root causes, and squashing some insidious system bugs. Tim stepped up to the plate and has taken ownership of the MicroBlaze firmware and two Verilog code bases. As a team player, Tim works well with both his development cohorts and our end customer and continues to provide valuable insight into areas beyond the work in front of him.

Tim is a guy you want on your team… after he’s done here." -- Eric Brunette, Director Embedded System Engineering


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