Last Minute Replacement for Engineer

Aspen Logic was called in to replace the lead Senior FPGA architect (who left on early paternity leave) on a VHDL design he created which had not been integrated with key logic components from a third party only eleven days prior to a major demonstration. After spinning up quickly on the FPGA implementation for the demo board's Gen3 ZU48DR Zynq Ultrascale+ RF System On Chip, I entered the lab to assist other RF and Software engineers.

Create Smoke Tests for PCIe Interface to HLS Logic

Wrote design side SystemVerilog smoke tests for PCIe interface to HLS logic for Tier 1 Aerospace Agile Cyber Engineering team using Xilinx AXI4/AXI4 Stream Verification IP (VIP) on a project demanding DO-254 level controls. Provided expertise in design requirement analysis; led RTL design reviews; coached team mates on documentation development and RTL coding styles/standards. Authored technical contract deliverable specification documents and co-authored SOW for the design’s outsourced UVM verification effort.

Review and Locate Bugs in 4-lane JESD204B Interface Design

Accepted the task of reviewing and locating bugs for defense contractor in an overdue digital synthesizer design using a 4-lane JESD204B interface comprising a Xilinx DDS core, Xilinx JESD204B TX core (hosted in an Artix XC7A200T-1FFG1156I FPGA), a TI LMK04828 Clock Generator and TI DAC39j84 Quad, 2.8-GSPS Digital to Analog Converter. Re-wrote the startup state machine for initializing the system (not as easy as it sounds) and provided analysis of the entire design for management.