These testimonials offer honest appraisals of our work from several of our satisfied customers. (References available on request.)

"A year ago, we hired Tim to take over support of a complex, multi-FPGA design at the core of a high-availability silicon production system. At the time that Tim took over, all of the easy bugs were gone, and all that was left was a collection of the gnarly, deep-down, rarely-occurring, intermittent problems.

Tim made an immediate impact, digging to demonstrate root causes, and squashing some insidious system bugs. Tim stepped up to the plate and has taken ownership of the MicroBlaze firmware and two Verilog code bases. As a team player, Tim works well with both his development cohorts and our end customer and continues to provide valuable insight into areas beyond the work in front of him. 

Tim is a guy you want on your team… after he’s done here."

Eric Brunette was Aspen Logic's client

“As a program manager at SAIC, I have subcontracted to Tim (Aspen Logic) to implement complex algorithms in HDL on highly custom hardware. Included among the tasks that Tim has executed flawlessly are the integration of multiple layers of IP on several FPGAs to accommodate high-bandwidth signal transfers to a remote processor and high-rate computations. Additionally, Tim assisted our engineers during the custom hardware integration and test phase by performing in-depth testing of custom PCBs and interfaces. In addition to Tim's technical competence, his attitude and work ethic are outstanding. I would happily recommend Tim to anyone requiring the best in HDL programming and hardware integration.”

Eric Berg was Aspen Logic's client

“RDT contracted with Aspen Logic to help develop a digital radio. Tim Davis led several parts of the design and personally wrote a significant portion of the VHDL. His personality is creative, yet disciplined, with a solid background in communications architecture. He is the kind of guy who finds a way to contribute significantly every day. He is top of my list in digital electronics development.”

Brad Tipler was Aspen Logic's client

“I have contracted with Aspen Logic and Tim specifically for 2 sucessful projects while I was at 2 separate companies. I have found Tim's work, expertise and opinions to be very valuable and he has been great to work with. I would use Tim again unquestionably for any future projects. I would recommend Tim for any electronic design work you have. Feel free to contact me for further details.”

Ed Balduf was Aspen Logic's client

“I have known Tim since 1979 and have ALWAYS been impressed by his superior intellect, avid curiousity and problem-solving abilities. If you want someone that cares, works hard and gets the job done, hire Tim.”

Paul Maddock was a consultant to Aspen Logic.

“Tim Davis helped us debug complex and undocumented logic circuits and then write verilog code to successfully interface with that logic. His ability to bring together all of the pieces for design and simulation without supervision greatly helped us meet our project requirements on time and on budget. Tim is a very detailed in his work and also thoroughly documents his project.”

Dave Ward was Aspen Logic's client

“I have known Tim since 1995 when I hired him and his partners to do the control logic (in VHDL) for a custom CMOS chip in "crisis-mode" after I inherited the project. Success in 6 weeks! Tim went on to do several fairly large FPGA projects for me including a very powerful bitplane display controller. From scripting to synthesis, Tim's skills cover all the bases.”

Rainer Malzbenderwas Aspen Logic's client

“Tim produces quality work in a timely manor. I have worked with Tim on many diverse projects in the past and has gained my respect as someone that I can count on, technically and otherwise.”

Fletcher Mcbeth was an Aspen Logic collaborator